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48" x 24"

Oil and Encaustic Medium on Panel


"Renovatio" is Latin for "renewal" or, you guessed it..."renovation". 

The idea for this piece came as I was on a hike on the Grand Mesa near my home. My breath was taken away by the lush greenery: the iconic Colorado aspen trees, tall spruce and ponderosa, and the countless types of ferns, vines, flowers, wild berries, etc.  I was entranced by the way the new foliage found life from the remains of the dead layer beneath it...real circle-of-life stuff!

I kept thinking about how we as the human race go through a similar renewal, as we individually come into this life fresh and green, knowing nothing but being full of energy and potential.  When lucky/blessed, we learn from those who have gone before us and grow into the best versions of ourselves.  

I painted this piece with oil and encaustic medium on panel over the span of about a year and half and put it in this frame I previously had for safe keeping. If you have purchased my work in the past, you know that I work with my clients to choose a frame that will be most suitable for placing this piece in your own home. :)

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