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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

"Uncompahgre" is a Ute word meaning "warm flowing water,” “where water makes rock red,” and “red soil” It's pronounced, "un-com-pah-grey".

I LOVE this beautiful area! I grew up in Kannah Creek, Colorado. I spent a lot of time plowing through the sage on horseback, rounding up strays and looking up at these low, flat mountains. We spent time up on top either cutting firewood or finding the right Christmas tree for our family room. As I grew older, we took our kids on picnics in such horrifyingly-named places as "Cactus Park", which is aptly named...we all came home with a few needles in our shoes. :)

Despite the cactus and sagebrush, there is also a good amount of cedar and pine. The air is cooler than the air in the desert area beneath, and if you take the time to explore the extensive canyons that meander back into these mountains, you'll find creeks and green cottonwood and elm. If you go back even further, you'll climb up into aspen and wildflowers. It's a perfect region for exploration!

My hope in painting pieces from around western Colorado is to share some of the magnificent beauty I've been privileged to enjoy throughout my life. I truly have been blessed to grow up in the Grand Valley!

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