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Ashes, ashes, please scroll down

This is what currently is on the easel...this little number featuring Red Mountain in Colorado, USA. This entire area near Ouray is a veritable smorgasbord of trails: hiking, atv, jeep, horseback. Beautiful country!

Unfortunately, Colorado is kind-of on fire at the moment. The Pine Gulch fire has increased in size to over 125,000 acres (195 square miles)! The gorgeous country we are famous for is still mostly accessible, but near my home in the Grand Valley, this is what we are looking at:

Ash on the ground, blown around like snow...

And even ash in my studio.

We're so grateful for the many firefighters/"hot shots" helping to combat this fire that is raging nearby. We pray for favorable conditions soon! In the meantime, my plan is to shut the windows tight and keep painting...

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