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The Canvas Connects

When I learned the basics of painting from CaMary Wynne at the age of 12 -13, I was fascinated by the portraits she created of people. These weren't just portraits of peoples' faces. She would talk with them about what they loved and then incorporate those elements into these portraits. This kind of personalization has been a key part of my art ever since.

When I quit my job as a paraprofessional in order to paint full time, my original vision was that I would be able to paint in quick-time fashion and have multiple pieces flying off of my easel every month.  Every once in awhile, I have a piece that moves that way, but I have found that the work I do requires a great deal more time in order to tell the story my client wishes it to tell. We work together to tell a story, and this is one of my FAVORITE things about what I do.


The canvas truly does connect us across great divides of space, time and experience!  When we can catch a glimpse into another person's soul in such a fashion, fear and prejudice tend to melt away.  How super sweet is THAT?!  (Read about some of my projects here on my website to learn more.)

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